1Enormous improvements to the Firearms Act

In March the Countryside Alliance called for 3 amendments that will reduce the administration burden and improve clarification for both certificate holders and the police, and after 9 months of intense campaigning by the Alliance and our partners on the British Shooting Sports Council these amendments have been moved by the government. Find out more here and here.



New twitter followers of @CA_Shooting

Twitter is a fantastic tool for engaging with our members, sharing news and involving people in our campaigns. Our twitter followers are constantly updated with our day-to-day work and can read news stories from around the world of shooting. Follow us.




Estimated number of magazine articles written by the Countryside Alliance Shooting Team

As well as our weekly in Countryman’s Weekly and monthly in Sporting Shooter, the Countryside Alliance have had articles featured in all the sporting and countryside magazines highlighting our work for shooting, as well as featuring in numerous national, regional and local newspapers, putting the case for shooting wherever necessary.



New member of the Countryside Alliance shooting campaigns team

Liam Stokes joined as Head of Shooting in January. It’s certainly been a busy and very successful year since then!



16People sharing #LoveofShooting stories so far

We’re always sharing the statistics that show how great shooting is, but nothing is more powerful than people talking about their own experiences. Our members are always keen to tell their stories, so in October we started the #LoveofShooting campaign so shooters on the ground could share their personal pictures and stories.



Magazines and newspapers featuring game to eat recipes

From the Yorkshire Post featuring three grouse recipes on the Glorious Twelfth to Cotswold Preview proposing the perfect game roast, Game to Eat has been incredibly successful at reaching out to new audiences.




Number of estates supporting our Trailblazer apprenticeship bid

Supporting the next generation of gamekeepers is essential, so when the Countryside Alliance realised that the current gamekeeping apprenticeships were at risk of disappearing in 2020 we submitted a bid to the government to pioneer a replacement. That bid was successful, and we now chair a Trailblazer group of employers developing the new qualification.


8Welsh Assembly Members (AMs) who joined many countryside organisations at the Assembly to attend the launch of the Countryside Alliance’s ‘Shooting in Wales

For Countryside and Community’, a brochure produced in Welsh and English and sent to all Assembly Members detailing exactly how shooting contributes to Welsh economies, communities and habitats.



Shooting was registered as the second most popular activity in National Parks

Voted among those who do not live in them and third by those that do live in them according to a nationwide survey, following the Countryside Alliance highlighting the implicit bias in a Campaign for National Parks survey.




The number of issues members of the public raised when asked by a Countryside Alliance commissioned poll to name matters of importance to the government. No one mentioned curtailing shooting.





Minutes in which the Countryside Alliance Head of Shooting, Liam Stokes was interviewed

…by MPs on the issue of driven grouse shooting during the oral evidence session ahead of the Westminster Hall debate. It was a privilege to be invited to give evidence in such an important debate.



Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) candidates

…directly contacted and lobbied in their local press during their election campaigns, regarding the failing firearm licensing standards in their areas after a Countryside Alliance Freedom of Information request revealed the worst performing firearms licensing teams in England and Wales earlier this year.



The number of anti-shooting spokespeople quoted by the BBC Inside Out documentary on game farming

The Countryside Alliance’s Liam Stokes was the only pro-shooting voice. We are currently pursuing a complaint against the BBC about the bias of the report.




Defra ministers, Liz Truss MP and Dr Therese Coffey MP, who have rejected the findings of the Lead Ammunition Group that recommended further restrictions on the use of lead shot.

The Countryside Alliance has always worked hard to resist those who want to use this issue to further an anti-shooting agenda.



The number of weeks it would take for all the mammals in Wales to become extinct

…if LACS’ snaring statistics were accurate, as exposed by the Countryside Alliance in the Welsh Assembly evidence session.




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