Our expert Game to Eat team has put together 8 offaly good tips for helping you cook game during Great British Game Week. Get stuck in and #eatmoregame.


1.What grows together goes together

The pairing of seasonal foods with wild game is of massive benefit, for example fruits such as blackberries with pigeon, and root vegetables with gamebirds.

2. Low and slow

The lack of fat on game means cooking it for too long can see it quickly become dry and tough, whereas cooking it at a lower temperature for longer can bring out its full flavour. Why not try this pheasant winter warmer.


3. Marinade

Because the meat is naturally leaner than farmed meat such as pork, chicken and beef, it can be useful, and tasty, to marinade the meat before cooking such as this Tandoori Pheasant.

4. Smoking game

Smoke complements the strong flavour of game perfectly – softer woods such as cherry and apple work impeccably, just as this wood fired pigeon recipe does.

5. Age that game

Young and old game, in particular grouse, need to be looked after properly. A young grouse has the tender muscle which allows it to be roasted and their full taste revered in, older and therefore tougher grouse work better in a casserole or even pate.


6. Offaly good

Make the most of your game by cooking up the offal, grouse offal fits perfectly alongside roast grouse, and there is little that beats fresh venison liver pate.


7. Hang time

As scientific as hanging can be the simple fact is the amount of time you hang your game for is your own preference. We suggest trialing different lengths of hang time before choosing your favourite.

8. Try it modern

A roast grouse and jugged hare are as traditional as it gets; however, we believe game has the abilities to break boundaries in modern cooking. Game to Eat is convinced there is plenty more to come from game, why not get involved with this beer can grouse or pheasant sausage rolls.



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