Monday, 11 April 2011

Ahead of the Assembly elections on 5th May, the Countryside Alliance has sent a short film to all candidates, outlining the key issues from its Rural Manifesto. The film, which is in English with Welsh subtitles, is introduced by Countryside Alliance Director for Wales, Rachel Evans, and features commentary from those who live and work in rural Wales. 


The five key issues targeted by the Manifesto are as follows:

  • Rural Transport: We need an accessible and reliable rural transport network
  • Business: Rural enterprise needs more support and investment in order to grow and thrive
  • Outdoor Learning: All children should gain a practical understanding of the countryside through the National Curriculum
  • Food and Farming: Our world-class farmers and growers should receive the support and recognition they deserve at all levels. We also require mandaotry country of origin labelling so that anything labelled “Welsh” really means the produce is Welsh.
  • Country Pursuits:The Countryside Alliance will continue to champion country pursuits, especially at the Assembly where so many laws made affect rural livelihoods.
  • Countryside Alliance Director for Wales, Rachel Evans, commented: “A paper manifesto is all well and good, but how much better to see the faces and hear the voices of those whose lives will be affected by the decisions the new Assembly members will have to take?
  • “The needs of rural communities and businesses are quite specific and we were keen to let those who know most about the problems articulate their point of view directly to the candidates. The Countryside Alliance is very active at the Assembly and putting rural issues at the forefront of politicians minds is our priority at all times. This has been a new and powerful way for us to do that.”