Friday, 22 November 2013

walesWelsh farmers, landowners and anglers have joined the Countryside Alliance and other groups to launch a campaign for locally-managed access to the Welsh countryside and rivers. The coalition is responding to an on-going consultation on access to the countryside by the Welsh Government. 

Minister for Culture and Sport, John Griffiths, has refused to rule out the possibility of opening up public access to all land and water without restrictions, a move which has incensed members.

Rachel Evans, director of the Countryside Alliance in Wales said: “Wales has a vast network of footpaths and bridleways and large areas of National Park which are available to walkers, riders and mountain bikers.

“It is already difficult for farmers and landowners to manage their activities to keep potentially dangerous livestock away from these paths. A free-for-all would create chaos in the countryside.”

For more information, go to where you can also sign up in support of the campaign and make a donation to the fighting fund.