Not for the first time and most definitely not for the last time, Labour back bencher Julie Morgan AM has called upon the Cabinet Secretary Lesley Griffiths to review the code of practice for gamebirds bred for shooting. (13th June 2018)

The AM requested that the code be reviewed to fall in line with other codes of practice which are rather long in the tooth by now and are currently being re-written to which the Alliance has made significant contributions. The Minister stated that prioritising the codes was something she works alongside with stakeholders and the Alliance has called upon colleagues from other organisations to work collectively with the Alliance to review the code with Welsh Government officials.

It is known that there is a very limited amount of time available to update the code and compared to the other codes that are currently being re-drafted the Game bird code is relatively young in its existence. However with increasing pressure from the animal rights lobby and the RSPCA via the Animal Welfare Network Wales Group (of which the Alliance is a member,) we may well see progress on reviewing the code coming to light sooner rather than later.