Prevention Zones, to tackle the high threat of avian flu, in place across Great Britain will be down-graded for the large majority of poultry owners tomorrow (February 28th). All poultry keepers will continue to be required by Defra to take a range of biosecurity precautions, and for those that are in Higher Risk Areas’ the original conditions will continue.

The definition of Higher Risk Areas includes where wild birds (in particular gulls and wild waterfowl) gather, such as lakes, marshes or estuaries. They also include areas where Defra have confirmed cases of the avian flu H5N8 virus.

Poultry owners across Great Britain are urged to check Defra’s interactive map to discover what biosecurity level is necessary. It is important that vigilance remains high, especially as a small flock of chickens in Northumberland was confirmed with avian flu on February 24th.

The previous couple of months have been extremely difficult and stressful for poultry farmers and keepers; we thank all our members and supporters that have maintained high bio-security measures helping to reduce the threat of avian flu.

It is essential that all game farmers read and adhere to the following information from Defra and shooting organisations.
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