Thanks to everyone who voted in the “Britain’s Best Sporting Pub” being run by the Countryside Alliance in conjunction with Country Life Magazine.

This competition aims to celebrate traditional pubs and hotels which have a long history of support for country sports whether they host a hunt meet, a shoot lunch or welcome fishermen. Nominated pubs/ hotels have now been written to with a questionnaire and a window sticker. Questionnaires are to be returned by 2nd October (to Britain’s Best Sporting Pub, 1 Spring Mews, Tinworth Street, London, SE11 5AN). The judging tour will then take place.

Support for the local community is a driving factor, as is the warm welcome available for sportsmen and women (and working dogs). We have all been to a pub after a day in the field where a warm welcome awaits and it is a well-established and comforting part of our rural heritage. Thank you for helping us to support the hard work and good will that our sporting pubs put into their job. We look forward to revealing the winners in due course.

Winners will be declared in late Autumn. There will be a winner for:

1. Scotland
2. Wales
3. North
4. Midlands
5. East
6. South
7. South West
8. Hunting (UK wide)
9. Shooting (UK wide)
10. Fishing (UK wide)