Ahead of the grouse season, which starts on 12th August, the Countryside Alliance political team has sent a briefing note to MPs and Peers which addresses some of the most frequently raised concerns about grouse shooting.

Grouse shooting and its associated moorland management plays an essential role in managing, maintaining and protecting the landscape and biodiversity of our uplands. It also plays a vital role in the economic and social life of many upland communities. Despite the importance of grouse shooting there is often a lot of misunderstanding about it and we hope this briefing note may be of use in providing a factual response to some of these questions.

Grouse shooting was the subject of a three hour Westminster Hall Debate last year in which the vast majority of MPs spoke in favour of grouse shooting and many of the benefits of grouse moor management were raised. A transcript of the debate is available here.

Download our briefing note, addressing the 10 key questions about grouse shooting: BRIEFING NOTE – Grouse Shooting 10 Key Questions Answered, July 2017