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About the Countryside Alliance

The Countryside Alliance was created in 1997. This was partly as a response to the newly elected Labour Government’s pledge to ban hunting with dogs but also borne of a need to represent an increasingly marginalised rural minority. We are here to give rural Britain a voice.

An amalgamation of three organisations: The Countryside Business Group, the British Field Sports Society and the Countryside Movement, the Countryside Alliance has in its short life become the major British campaigning organisation on rural issues, where we can organise a march of half a million and also brief Parliamentarians on key rural issues. 

Dubbed "The main lobbying group on rural issues," in 2008 we won Channel 4 News' "Political Personality of the Decade" Award, beating former PM Tony Blair amongst others.

The Countryside Alliance is known for its work on wildlife and management and has been the lead voice against the threats to hunting and shooting for many years. The Alliance's agenda is far broader than that, however, representing members on various issues including food & farming, local businesses and services and, more recently, the injustices of poor mobile phone signal and broadband in the countryside. We are anything but a single issue organisation and represent the interests of country people from all backgrounds and geographical locations.

With around 100,000 members the Countryside Alliance defends and promotes country sports and rural life at Parliament, in the media and on the ground.