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Our regions

Our regional structure consists of five English regions: the South West; Midlands; South East; East and North. Each has a dedicated full time Regional Director who attends shows and point-to-points, organises fundraisers within their region and liaises with local politicians, stakeholders and media to advance our campaigns while acting as a first point of contact for our work. Each region has a Regional Chairman and we are also lucky to have a series of county committees which support and enhance the work of the Regional Directors. The Countryside Alliance is also fortunate to have a network of thousands of volunteers who love the countryside and want to help us promote and protect it.

In Wales, our Director is Rachel Evans, whilst Jamie Stewart became Director of the Scottish Countryside Alliance in September 2012. Both roles require strong presences at their respective devolved seats of Government, strong media contacts and local knowledge and contacts to represent rural Scotland and rural Wales. They are supported by consultants and volunteers as well as by the PMC in London.

The Countryside Alliance Ireland is a devolved organisation which is headed up by Chief Executive Lyall Plant. The team works in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, lobbying on issues of importance to rural people.

Directors and contacts are as follows: 

  • North of England - Acting Regional Director Tracy Casstles - 07876 652007 (Cumbria, Northumberland, Yorkshire, Lancashire, Derbyshire, Durham, Cheshire, Gtr Manchester, Merseyside and Cleveland)



  • East of England - William Burton - 07738 959900 (Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire & Rutland)







Each region/ country has its own news page on this site, but for events please see our

ever-updated listing on the events page here