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Our structure

The Countryside Alliance is a politically non-aligned campaigning and membership organisation. Its Chairman is Kate Hoey MP who heads a Board of Directors who are elected and appointed. The Executive Chairman is Barney White-Spunner who together with the staff are charged with delivering the strategy set by the Board.  

In 2012 the Countryside Alliance turned 15, and to celebrate we commissioned some photographs of top brass past and present. Pictured left to right are: Former Chairman John Jackson (1997-2003); Founding President Baroness Mallalieu QC, who is still in office; current Executive Chairman Barney White-Spunner; former Chief Executive Richard Burge (1999-2004), current Chairman Kate Hoey MP; former Chief Executive Simon Hart MP (2004-2010)

The Board of the Countryside Alliance is as follows:

  • President - The Baroness Mallalieu QC
  • Vice President - His Grace the Duke of Westminster 
  • Vice President - The Lord Kimball DL
  • Chairman - Kate Hoey MP
  • Deputy Chairman - The Lord Mancroft 
  • Executive Chairman of the Countryside Alliance - Sir Barney White-Spunner
  • Johnnie Arkwright
  • Nick Bannister
  • Simon Hart MP
  • The Baroness Golding
  • Mark Firth
  • Stephen Lambert
  • Sally Merison
  • David Reynolds
  • David Seymour
  • Bill Tyrwhitt-Drake
  • Tim Vestey
  • Charlie Wilson
  • Lizzie Salmon

The Countryside Alliance Foundation  is an independent charity governed by its own Board of trustees and has a separate set of charitable objects. The Board of The Countryside Alliance Foundation is as follows:

  • Chairman - Jeremy Quin
  • Sally Merison
  • Nick Bannister