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How you can fight plans to license airguns in Scotland

The Scottish Government has launched a public consultation on its plans to introduce a licensing system for airguns. The proposals include a ban on people plinking in their garden. The SCA is opposed to these proposals and urges all shooters to show solidarity with Scottish airgunners by signing an online petition, supporting a Facebook campaign and responding to the consultation.


The consultation will run until 15th March 2013. Click here to download a copy of the proposals being consulted on.

Please note that the consultation states that responses to the consultation will not be accepted without a completed Respondent Information Form (Annex C). Click here to obtain a Respondent Information Form by opening the RIF and consultation questions on this page.

Responses can be sent by email to or can be sent by post to Police Powers Unit, Safer Communities Directorate, Scottish Government, 1WR, St. Andrew's House, Regent Road, Edinburgh, EH1 3DG.

You can also sign a petition against the proposals here


It is estimated and accepted by Scottish Government that there are half a million low powered airguns in Scotland. Bringing all or even a fraction of these into a licensing scheme will be an extremely difficult task, which will involve the use of extensive police resources. The SCA is also concerned that further regulation will discourage many from starting shooting, which is a vital part of the Scottish countryside and rural economy. Airguns are an essential tool for pest control where more powerful firearms cannot be used and they are used for training and target shooting up to Olympic standards.

Recently published statistics on recorded firearms offences in Scotland show that offences involving airguns have fallen for the fifth successive year. Over the five year period from 2006/07 this represents a 71% decrease.

Given the success of educational campaigns by the Scottish Government and awareness raising and training delivered by shooting organisations together with the police’s enforcement of the existing legislation, the SCA does not see the justification for further legislation in this area.

The SCA will publish a detailed response to the consultation in the New Year and urges everyone with an interest in airgun shooting in Scotland to make their own response.

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