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The Countryside Alliance Christmas Quiz - the answers

The Countryside Alliance's Christmas Quiz tested your countryside knowledge and we thank everyone who took the time to enter. The lucky winner of a vintage BFSS poster has been picked as Reece Fowler - Reece was one of the few entrants who managed to navigate the tricky question on Hunting Act enforcement. Read on for the answers (which are underlined). Merry Christmas and and a Happy New Year to all members and supporters. 




1. The Countryside Alliance celebrated its birthday in 2012. How old are we?

a. 10 years old
b. 15 years old
c. 20 years old

2. Which horse won the Grand National this year?

a. Seabass
b. Neptune Collanges
c. Sunnyhillboy

3. Name the President of the Countryside Alliance

a. Kate Hoey MP
b. Baroness Mallalieu QC
c. Simon Hart MP

4. In what year did the Hunting Act come into force in England and Wales

a. 2004
b. 2005 (the Hunting Act was passed in November 2004, but came into force three months later, in Feb 2005)
c. 2006

5. Peter Wilson won struck shooting Gold at the London 2012 Olympics. In which discipline?

a. Skeet
b. Trap
c. Double Trap

6. Two of the Countryside Alliance’s shooting campaigns are:

a. Game On and Shooting Newcomers’ Week
b. Game-to-Eat and National Shooting Week
c. Great Game and Beginners’ Luck

7. Who took over from Caroline Spelman as Secretary of State for Defra in 2012?

a. Richard Benyon MP
b. Owen Paterson MP
c. Zac Goldsmith MP

8. How many emails were sent to MEPs by supporters in our Lead Shot e-lobby?

a. 16,000
b. 18,000
c. 20,000

9. Which pack of foxhounds won both championships in the modern Foxhound section of the 124th Peterborough Royal Foxhound Show

a. The Duke of Beaufort’s
b. The VWH
c. The Kimblewick

10. What colour is our Shooting Campaign badge for 2012 and why?

a. Purple in honour of HM the Queen in her Diamond Jubilee year
b. Gold in honour of Olympic year and Team GB & Paralympic GB
c. Blue because of the rain

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