The Countryside Alliance is fully supportive of the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust’s (GWCT) call to action on nesting information of curlews in the UK. The curlew is the bird of greatest conservation concern within the UK and is currently slipping away from our land unnoticed, conservation measures and action is essential.


The GWCT is accumulating data on nesting sites to further the understanding of breeding ranges and raise awareness of the curlew’s plight. For landowners and farmers that have breeding curlews the GWCT is providing information on conservation measures that are effective, and for interested landowners and farmers measures to entice nesting curlews.

Curlew picture courtesy of Laurie Campbell

Curlews are currently thought of as a bird of the uplands, breeding on moorland areas and hill farms. However, this is not the case, historically, curlew were found breeding across Britain. There contracting breeding range is severe, and it is estimated, if swift action is not taken, their breeding range south of Birmingham will only survive for eight more years. For this reason there is a specific focus on nesting sites in the South of England and the requirement to supply any relevant data is crucial.

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With a fifth of the world’s curlew in winter, and around a quarter of the world’s breeding pairs in spring and summer, the UK plays an important role in shaping curlew conservation and the future of this spectacular species. If you have any knowledge of breeding curlews in your area, the Countryside Alliance urges you to play your part in its conservation.

Curlew sites that have been submitted so far