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Submit your evidence of online bullying

The Countryside Alliance has launched a revolutionary piece of tech for people to report evidence of online abuse.

The Countryside Alliance strongly condemns online bullying of any kind and has long campaigned to raise awareness of the issue. The Alliance has become increasingly concerned over the last couple of years about the rise of online abuse against the country sports community.

To identify the true extent of online bullying directed at rural communities we launched a survey during the summer to ask our members and supporters about their experiences. Over 500 people responded, 62% of whom had experienced online bullying or harassment for supporting country sports. The results showed that the online bullying of rural communities continues to grow year on year and has become more aggressive and antagonistic. The results of this survey can be found here.

Due to the shocking results the Alliance has decided to launch a dedicated portal where those who receive online abuse for supporting country sports can send their evidence. If you have received online abuse please fill in the form below, attaching any evidence you may have (e.g. screen shots of abuse on social media). The information you provide will power the next phase of our campaign, helping us demonstrate the scale of the problem to Parliamentarians and lobby social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to do more to stop the abuse of rural communities.


Report online bullying:

  • Drop files here or
      The Countryside Alliance needs to keep certain information about you to allow us to keep you up-to-date with our activities. In collecting this information, we are acting as a data controller and, by law, we are required to provide you with information about us, about why and how we use your data, and about the rights you have over your data. For more information please visit
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    *By providing Countryside Alliance with this information you are giving us permission to use it as evidence as part of our campaign. This may involve sharing it with Parliamentarians and social media sites.

    *Please note that by sharing this information with the Countryside Alliance does not mean the abuse has been reported to the relevant social media company. You must report all forms of online abuse direct to the relevant platform.


    What to do if you are being abused online:

    1. Don’t respond to and don’t forward any abusive messages.
    2. Take screen shots of the online abuse so that you have proof this is happening.
    3. Report all abuse to the relevant social media networks by clicking on the “report abuse” button.
    4. Block the person who is bullying.
    5. Report the online abuse to the police if there are threats of violence or harassment. If the bullying or harassment is targeted at you because of your disability, gender identity, race, religion or sexual orientation, this type of incident is a ‘hate incident’ or ‘hate crime’. To report online abuse you must report it by phoning 101 and ask to speak to a police officer. For the police to take any action you must be prepared to give evidence. The police will take your details and if it meets the threshold they will investigate.

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