Shooting & Conservation

Shooting is worth £2 billion annually to the rural economy and supports 74,000 jobs. Over 600,000 people shoot and over 2 million hectares are actively managed for shooting in the UK creating proven conservation benefits and preserving important habitats.

Yet shooting faces regular threats whether through restrictions on the guns we use, the ammunition we fire, the birds we rear, the land we use.

Our public opinion research drives our campaign and ensures that we know which buttons to press to address public and political opinion. Our hugely successful Game-to-Eat campaign, which has increased sales of healthy, environmentally friendly game by more than 60 per cent, is a direct outcome of our research and hard work.

The Countryside Alliance has the experience and the expertise to fight the big battles for the future of shooting in Westminster, Brussels and the devolved parliaments, as well as in the national and local media.

Send in your entries to our ‘Love of Shooting’ campaign

To mark the start of the new game season we have launched our ‘Love of Shooting’ campaign. Whether you shoot, pick up, go beating or just enjoy your game with a knife and fork, send us your best picture that captures your love of shooting, along with the hashtag #loveofshooting and tell us what is about shooting that you enjoy so much. More information on how to enter here.


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