wmn-logoOn 4th October 2016 the Western Morning News published a report from the Countryside Alliance’s fringe debate, held at the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham on 3rd October. In “BBC ‘squeamish’ about nature, claim rural campaigners”, the paper reported that “MPs and rural campaigners have accused the BBC of “underserving” the countryside and being “squeamish” about nature, as they urge the broadcaster to better represent rural communities. Speaking at a fringe event at the Conservative party conference, Country Life editor Mark Hedges attacked the organisation’s “disneyfication” of rural life and its failure to represent diverse views on issues like badger culling. He warned that the countryside “can’t exist” unless it is “honestly reported” and joined fellow panellists, including North Devon MP Peter Heaton-Jones, in calling on the broadcaster to provide more inclusive coverage.” Read the full piece here and our summary of the event here.