Casting for Recovery is a fly fishing therapy programme for ladies with breast cancer which operates in several countries around the world. The programme began in the US 20 years ago and has grown to be represented in 44 States, running 55 retreats this year which will support 800 ladies. In the UK and Ireland the programme has been running for ten years and has 500 alumnae. The ethos of Casting for Recovery, and the joy it brings, is captured brilliantly in this short film from the US which follows viviacious Texan participant, Aelicia “Chocolate” Watson through her retreat. Watch the film here and learn why Aelicia describes Casting for Recovery as “the bomb dot com”.

In the UK and Ireland the project is run by The Countryside Alliance Foundation as a charity. If you would like to donate to the Foundation to enable us to support more ladies with breast cancer, click here. Thank you.