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Consultation and Lobbying

The Prime Minister’s piece from our Spring 2015 magazine

| Campaigns, Consultation and Lobbying, Food and Farming, Hunting, Latest News, Shooting and Conservation

The Prime Minister, David Cameron, wrote for our Spring magazine ahead of the General Election on 7th May, but his piece is no less interesting post-Election. Mr Cameron wrote: I am proud of our country’s rural identity – and my own rural heritage. Having been brought up in the beautiful village of Peasemore in Berkshire,…

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Countryside Alliance welcomes microchipping regulations for dogs in Wales

| Campaigns, Communities and Business, Consultation and Lobbying, Latest News, Press Release, Shooting and Conservation

The National Assembly for Wales has voted in favour of the new Microchipping of Dogs (Wales) Regulations 2015 which will come into force on 6 April 2016. All dogs over the age of eight weeks will require a microchip and the details of the keeper will be registered on an approved database. Rachel Evans, Countryside Alliance…

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Background brief to backbench business debate on broadband

| Campaigns, Consultation and Lobbying, Mobile and Broadband

COUNTRYSIDE ALLIANCE BACKGROUND NOTE BROADBAND CONNECTIVITY IN THE COUNTRYSIDE Backbench Business Debate, House of Commons, Monday 12 October 2015 Superfast broadband roll-out: “That this House notes variations in the effectiveness of roll-out of fixed and mobile superfast broadband in different parts of the UK; and calls on the Government to host a not-spot summit to consider ways…

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Latest campaign in Wales: oppose open access

| Campaigns, Communities and Business, Consultation and Lobbying, Latest News

The Countryside Alliance Wales is urging the public to state its views on increased access  to the Welsh countryside by taking part in an e-lobby campaign, which has been launched today (16 September). The Welsh Countryside Alliance is firmly opposed to unrestricted access to the Welsh countryside and is inviting the public to take part…

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Welcoming the Government’s big plans for the countryside

| Campaigns, Communities and Business, Consultation and Lobbying, Latest News

Countryside Alliance Executive Chairman Barney White-Spunner writes: Today’s Daily Telegraph carries a piece by Chancellor George Osborne and Environment Secretary Liz Truss in which they reveal a “Rural Productivity Plan” which is intended to bring about a wholesale boost for our countryside across planning, infrastructure, education, transport and local government. Read the piece, “With our plan,…

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Renewed call for implementation of hen harrier recovery plan

| Campaigns, Consultation and Lobbying, Shooting, Shooting and Conservation

The Countryside Alliance, British Association for Shooting and Conservation, CLA, Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust, The National Gamekeepers’ Organisation, and the Moorland Association are calling for Defra to implement a plan for hen harrier recovery across England. In 2014 there were just four breeding attempts, all on or adjacent to moorland managed for red grouse,…

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Research supports current best practice in gamebird rearing

| Campaigns, Consultation and Lobbying, Game to Eat, Shooting, Shooting and Conservation

The Countryside Alliance is pleased to note that Defra-funded research into the use of raised laying units, published today (24 July), supports the existing Defra Code for the Welfare of Gamebirds Reared for Sporting Purposes, used by the British gamebird industry. The research shows that the current Code of Welfare of Gamebirds Reared for Sporting…

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The real issues at stake in the hunting debate

| Campaigns, Consultation and Lobbying, Hunting, Membership, Our Blog

Solicitor Advocate Jamie Foster writes in the Western Morning News: “Pandemonium has broken out amongst otherwise mildly hysterical animal rights organisations such as the League Against Cruel Sports and Brian May’s ‘Save Me’. Despite yesterday’s hiccup, prompted by the Scottish Nationalists decision to vote on an issue that has nothing to do with them, MPs…

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The campaign for hunting is far from over

| Campaigns, Consultation and Lobbying, Countryside Alliance Wales, Devolved Regions, Hunting, Latest News, Membership

  Countryside Alliance Executive Chairman Barney White-Spunner writes: Tomorrow the Government was due to introduce amendments to the Hunting Act under a free vote, which would have represented a significant improvement. The amendments would have removed the arbitrary two dog limit in exempt hunting, making it legal to flush and shoot foxes using packs of…

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This week’s hunting vote

| Campaigns, Consultation and Lobbying, Countryside Alliance Wales, Devolved Regions, Hunting, Latest News, Membership, Our Blog

Countryside Alliance animal welfare consultant Jim Barrington has blogged on this week’s vote, writing: This week will see an important vote in the House of Commons on the future of the Hunting Act; the consequences are equally important for the fox, farmers and other land managers. This is not repeal of the Hunting Act and the…

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