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Countryside Alliance questions Farming Minister on Defra priorities

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The Countryside Alliance has questioned whether Defra is committing enough resources to preparing farming and rural communities for Brexit at a conference in Northumberland on the future of farming. The event, hosted by Hexham MP Guy Opperman on Friday 15 June, was an opportunity for local farmers and stakeholders to express their views and concerns…

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Farming is for food

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Countryside Alliance Chief Executive Tim Bonner writes: Debate around a new agricultural policy has centred on the concept of paying farmers for the ‘public goods’ they provide which are not rewarded by the market. Amongst the list of public goods in the Government’s consultation on the future of farming, which closed this week, there was…

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Food production should not be overlooked in new agricultural policy

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The Countryside Alliance has called for productive and competitive farming to be at the heart of our new agricultural policy in written evidence submitted to Defra’s Health and Harmony consultation on the future of farming. The consultation, which closed on 8 May and received 44,000 submissions, is designed to inform the Government’s thinking on how…

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Vegan propaganda turns nasty

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Countryside Alliance Chief Executive Tim Bonner writes: If people wish to not eat meat or to use animal products that is entirely their choice and one which I am sure we all respect. For some time, however, it has been clear that many who make that choice do not have similar respect for the dietary…

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Bird flu prevention zone extended to cover whole of England and Wales

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The Countryside Alliance is advising all members to remain vigilant regarding the signs of avian influenza after further outbreaks lead to a Prevention Zone being extended to cover whole of England and Wales. As of 25 January 2018 there are no additional security measures in place in Northern Ireland and Scotland. The implementation of a…

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Best of British Cattle

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Our traditional breeds of cattle have lively support from passionate breeders who take enormous care to ensure they survive and thrive. GLOUCESTERS An ancient breed, the Gloucester was originally tri-purpose, being used as oxen as well as for dairy and beef. A striking-looking animal, it has a dark mahogany body and a black head and legs,…

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Adam Henson calls for GCSE in agriculture

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On Wednesday 13th September Farming UK reported: “Adam Henson calls for introduction of GCSE in agriculture: Adam Henson, one of Britain’s best-known farmers, has called for the introduction of a GCSE in agriculture. The presenter of BBC’s Countryfile told The Times: “You can get a GCSE in religious studies and business, so why not in agriculture?”…

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BBC Radio 4 will not have to broadcast religious services or cover arts, farming and science under new Ofcom guidelines

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The Telegraph has reported: “BBC Radio 4 will no longer be required to broadcast religious services, science shows or arts programming under plans drawn up by the new regulator Ofcom, The Telegraph has learnt. After being petitioned by the BBC to reduce the number of rules designed to ensure it meets public service obligations, Ofcom…

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2017 “Rural Oscars” will open to nominations in September

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The 2017 Countryside Alliance Awards, nicknamed the “Rural Oscars”, will open to public nominations in September. The 13th annual awards will once again give farmers, butchers, village shops and small businesses a platform from which to tell their stories, and they will need the support of their customers to help propel them to the top…

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