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Governments new seasonal agricultural workers scheme doesn’t go far enough

| Campaigns, Food and Farming, Latest News, Press Release

Today (Thursday 6th September), the Home Secretary along with the Secretary of State for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs announced that their departments were planning to implement a nationwide pilot to bring non-EU migrant workers to UK farms. Commencing in early 2019, the pilot will mean that fruit and vegetable farmers are able to employ…

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Countryside Alliance sets out 5 principles for new agricultural policy

| Campaigns, Consultation and Lobbying, Latest News, Press Release

The Countryside Alliance has set out five principles that should be at the heart of a new British agricultural policy to replace the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy. The Government has been consulting on plans to introduce a UK policy framework for agriculture with specific policies for a new system of support in England post Brexit….

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The RSPCA, the BBC and trial by media

| Consultation and Lobbying

Countryside Alliance Chief Executive Tim Bonner writes: It is a strange truth that many organisations and institutions deal entirely differently with issues in the countryside to the way they would in a town or city. Just try dressing up with your friends in paramilitary gear and a balaclava for a trip to your local football…

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Hunting and shooting targeted online

| Campaigns, Communities and Business

Countryside Alliance’s Head of Policy Sarah Lee writes: The Countryside Alliance is all for freedom of expression and robust debate, but when we saw our members receiving death threats, seeing their home addresses posted online, and having false reviews posted about their rural businesses, we knew we had to take a stand against this vile…

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Countryside Alliance offers solutions to the absence of independent oversight at the BBC

| Campaigns, Consultation and Lobbying, Latest News, Press Release

The Countryside Alliance has consistently campaigned for a BBC that is genuinely neutral on rural issues, and we believe at the heart of this concern is the lack of independent oversight of the BBC’s Editorial Guidelines. Having seen many complaints poorly handled and having met with Ofcom to discuss the current situation, the Alliance has…

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The 15 best grouse dishes of the Shooting Season so far

| Game to Eat

With the 2018/19 Shooting Season in full swing, here’s a round-up of the best prep and plated grouse dishes from those lucky enough to get their hands on this prized bird. 1. Anglo Restaurant 1st Grouse of the year ordered today on our lunch tasting, this year being served with. Smoked beetroot, hay cream, cabbage,…

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