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Liam Stokes writes for The Spectator: “Is factual accuracy too much to ask from BBC presenters like Chris Packham?”

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Earlier this week, Head of Shooting at the Countryside Alliance, Liam Stokes, wrote for The Spectator Coffee House blog about a number of misleading social media posts that Chris Packham has published over the past week. To read the comment piece in full, please follow this link: In the piece, Liam argued: “On Sunday evening,…

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Professor Khalid Aziz, comment : “The BBC seems to have lost the plot when it comes to understanding its responsibilities”

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Professor Khalid Aziz has published a powerful comment piece about Chris Packham and BBC editorial standards in today’s Hampshire Chronicle. Please see below: “Is Chris Packham justified in his anti-shooting opinions? Of course, if that is what he really believes and, like Voltaire, I will defend the right of anyone to voice his opinion even…

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Countryside Alliance clarifies facts on grouse shooting and support payments

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The Chief Executive of the Countryside Alliance, Tim Bonner, has published a letter in The Times in response to a news story containing inaccuracies about grouse shooting and the way that agricultural subsidy works in the uplands. Please follow link for story: In the news story “Take off your slippers and get working, farmers…

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‘Avian Flu’ update following further recorded cases – 05/01/17

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The Countryside Alliance is advising all members to remain vigilant regarding the signs of avian influenza after further outbreaks have been recorded including in a ‘backyard flock’ in Carmarthenshire. Details of outbreaks and any resulting further restrictions can be found here. Risks to public health are very low and avain flu does not pose a food…

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CA20- our beliefs still resonate 20 years on from Hyde Park

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The date of 10th July 1997, the date of the Hyde Park Rally, is generally acknowledged to mark the start of the Countryside Alliance as we know it. An amalgamation of the Countryside Movement, the British Field Sports Society and the Countryside Business Group, the Countryside Alliance celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. While we…

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Countryside Alliance ensures fair treatment for HSBC’s shooting customers

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HSBC has confirmed it has no policy discriminating against shooting, and has offered its services to businesses it had previously rejected, following an intervention by the Countryside Alliance. Having heard rumours that HSBC were declining services to businesses associated with shooting, the Countryside Alliance contacted one affected business to confirm what was happening. We found…

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Countryside Alliance Head of Policy calls for “365 day tourism season” during Commons evidence session

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Yesterday (14 Dec) Countryside Alliance Head of Policy, Sarah Lee, took part in an oral evidence session as part of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (EFRA) Select Committee inquiry into rural tourism. MPs asked a range of questions to Sarah and representatives from the NFU and CLA on how the Government can support rural…

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CA gave evidence to EFRA select committee on rural tourism

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Countryside Alliance Head of Policy Sarah Lee today gave evidence at an Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee hearing at Parliament. The committee is holding an ongoing enquiry into ways to strengthen the English tourism sector.  Sarah submitted evidence ahead of the oral session, specifically tourism linked to country sports and English produce*. You can…

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15 ways the CA Shooting Campaign has improved and supported shooting in 2016

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Enormous improvements to the Firearms Act In March the Countryside Alliance called for 3 amendments that will reduce the administration burden and improve clarification for both certificate holders and the police, and after 9 months of intense campaigning by the Alliance and our partners on the British Shooting Sports Council these amendments have been moved…

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Head Chef of The Arundell Arms’ special venison recipe

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Our thanks to Steven Pidgeon, Head Chef at top sporting hotel The Arundell Arms Hotel in Devon for letting the Countryside Alliance Autumn magazine publish his recipe for venison and chocolate casserole. The Countryside Alliance’s Game to Eat campaign is working hard to get game onto the national menu, and the support of top chefs such…

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