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Chris Packham, the BBC and a death threat

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Countryside Alliance Chief Executive Tim Bonner writes:  The Times has reported that the police are investigating a death threat made against the Chairman of Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH), Mike Cantlay. The threats have come in the wake of the BBC’s Chris Packham asking his hundreds of thousands of followers to email Mr Cantlay, then sharing…

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Countryside Alliance statement on death threat made to SNH Chairman over cull decision

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The Countryside Alliance has released a statement on the back of an article in today’s Times [04/05/2018] which states that the Scottish Natural Heritage Chairman, Mike Cantlay, has received a death threat and abusive letters following the decision to allow a trial cull of ravens in a project designed to boost numbers of declining waders. The…

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Fishing 4 Schools tip of the month for young anglers – May – tempting a trout

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The warmer weather is here at last and Fishing 4 Schools instructor and  fly fishing expert Bob Goble gives us his tips for good fishing this May. I am so glad that May is here and I’m feeling the warmth on my back at last, after the dreadful weather earlier this year. Life is great…

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Further thoughts on the Raven Research Licence

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Jamie Stewart, the Director of the Scottish Countryside Alliance writes: The Scottish Countryside Alliance welcomed the pragmatic approach taken by SNH last week in granting a five-year licence for raven control across part of Perthshire, to learn more about the impact of raven predation on ground nesting birds such as the curlew. In the face…

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Driving your shoot away from additional risk

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With the coming of the better weather, and the surge in clay shooting days in the run-up to the Glorious Twelfth, estates owners and managers should start to consider what insurance is required to ensure both events and shooters are protected against all eventualities – and the financial consequences of any problems for landowners and…

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Shock announcement from Environment Secretary on electronic collars

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Environment Secretary, Michael Gove MP, has told MPs that he recognises the benefits of electronic collars used in boundary fence systems, as a consultation proposing a total ban on the use of these devices comes to a close today (27 April). Speaking during environment questions in the House of Commons yesterday (Thursday 26 April), Mr…

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