Winter 2015 magazine now online

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The Countryside Alliance publishes a quarterly magazine that is sent to all members and the Winter 2015 magazine is now online. The cover features a Grove & Rufford Hound photographed by Penny Fillingham and the issue contains plenty of fieldsports, food & farming content. The editor’s letter is below. Click here to download the issue. 2015_4_Winter…

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Countryside Alliance Autumn 2015 magazine

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The Countryside Alliance’s Autumn magazine is now online. The Editor’s note introducing the issue reads: There is plenty of good news to report this issue. As Tim Bonner takes over as Chief Executive (p16) The Countryside Alliance Foundation assumes the running of the wonderful Casting for Recovery UK & Ireland, the fly fishing programme for…

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“Rat control for gamekeepers” courses

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Members of the Countryside Alliance are invited on a course to gain a key qualification ahead of a landmark deadline. The use of professional rodenticides to control rats becomes subject to stricter regulations early next year as part of the industry’s new stewardship regime. Gamekeepers wishing to continue using the products after the deadline will need relevant…

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Shooting FAQs

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  Shotgun Shooting   How do I apply for a Shotgun Certificate? Click here to download an application form. Shotgun Certificate Application Form   Can I borrow a shotgun? A non certificate holder may use a shotgun in the following circumstances: He may borrow a shotgun from the occupier of private land and use it…

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Game seasons

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The majority of game can only be shot during specific times of the years to allow them to breed and successfully migrate to their wintering grounds.  A comprehensive guide to the shooting seasons is given below. Ready for the season ahead? Save 20% on our comprehensive country sports insurance. Game birds Additional restrictions: England and…

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The real issues at stake in the hunting debate

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Solicitor Advocate Jamie Foster writes in the Western Morning News: “Pandemonium has broken out amongst otherwise mildly hysterical animal rights organisations such as the League Against Cruel Sports and Brian May’s ‘Save Me’. Despite yesterday’s hiccup, prompted by the Scottish Nationalists decision to vote on an issue that has nothing to do with them, MPs…

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The campaign for hunting is far from over

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  Countryside Alliance Executive Chairman Barney White-Spunner writes: Tomorrow the Government was due to introduce amendments to the Hunting Act under a free vote, which would have represented a significant improvement. The amendments would have removed the arbitrary two dog limit in exempt hunting, making it legal to flush and shoot foxes using packs of…

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This week’s hunting vote

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Countryside Alliance animal welfare consultant Jim Barrington has blogged on this week’s vote, writing: This week will see an important vote in the House of Commons on the future of the Hunting Act; the consequences are equally important for the fox, farmers and other land managers. This is not repeal of the Hunting Act and the…

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