Casting for Recovery UK & Ireland (CfR), the flyfishing therapy programme for ladies with breast cancer, is set to make its debut in Italy as Casting for Recovery Italia prepares to hold its first retreat. Casting for Recovery is a global programme with a single message: fly fishing as therapy.  Globally, we offer free residential retreats to ladies who have (or have had) breast cancer with fly fishing tuition offering fun and friendship in a beautiful outdoor setting. Counselling and medical advice are also offered in order to help ladies feel supported and move on from their experience.

The programme began in the US twenty years ago and has been in the UK for ten, where it is administered by The Countryside Alliance Foundation and is about to hold its 40th retreat. CfR also runs retreats in Australia, New Zealand and Iceland. The team from the UK visited Tuscany in early 2016 to speak to fly fishers and oncologists about getting the programme off the ground there, and with a lot of hard work and fundraising the first retreat is about to take place. A visit and talk from Mary Turney, Chair of CfR in the United States (in the pink scarf), also helped spur the team on. Our congratulations to Laura, Gabriella, Max and the team on their huge achievement, we look forward to hearing all about it.

Tight lines to all!