The sister project of our own Casting for Recovery UK & Ireland (CfR) project, Casting for Recovery Italia, held its debut retreat in Tuscany in late May. Italian lady participants enjoyed the residential retreat every bit as much as other alumni all over the world. The global programme, which began in the USA 20 years ago, is a retreat programme for ladies who have (or have had) breast cancer, which uses fly fishing along with counselling and medical advice to help ladies move forward. As founding CfR Italia casting instructor Max Maggiani says: “with passion and heart much can be done”. Please follow the team’s page on Facebook and support their work – the CfR team in the UK has supported its Italian sister organisation from the start and looks forward to a bright future, offering solace, fun and fly fishing for ladies with breast cancer.

Follow the page here – and enjoy the film clips of ladies catching fish, as well as of Max with his guitar leading everyone in a sing-song from a rock in the river!