Fishing 4 Schools founder and director Charles Jardine was part of the six-strong team that ran the Virgin Money London Marathon for TCAF on Sunday (23 April). He has been blogging each week in the build-up to the event – here is his final blog. You can still sponsor him – here

It’s over! I managed to complete the London Marathon on Sunday in 5hrs 54mins, and that’s it. I shall not be doing another – it’s taken too much out of me!

I think those extra few degrees of heat had a massive effect on me and the other runners. This was my third London Marathon and I don’t recall having seen so many injuries or really knackered people so early on in the event before.

At about 19 miles I didn’t think I was going to be able to go any further – I was wobbly and felt really unwell. I actually apologised to my body out loud for putting it through such an ordeal! But somehow I managed to keep on going and whilst I would have preferred a faster time I just feel relieved it’s over and I did it.

What it did make me ponder on was how strange we humans are. Running the marathon is a really uplifting experience due to the support from the other runners and the public along the route. The warmth coming from the people and the sheer good feeling and empathy was amazing. Why can’t we be this supportive all the time? It’s obviously in our make-up to be so!

And talking of amazing generosity of spirit I come to my sponsors! I don’t know yet how much money I’ve raised for Fishing 4 Schools as it’s still coming in, but it is well over £6k.

People have been so kind. They have offered me so much support on Facebook and face to face – it has been incredible!

So that’s it, it’s done and I’m done in! Thank you all so very much!

Yours aye