Charles-Jardine-1Our sporting experts offer seasonal advice in our membership magazine, and you can also read them online. Angling legend Charles Jardine offers fishing tips while The Hunting Office’s Tim Bonner writes on hunting and Shooting Campaign Manager David Taylor provides his advice on shooting.  

Charlie’s autumn advice is as follows:

Now is the time to seek that fish of a lifetime. If you are a trout fisher try still waters with an array of fry based patterns (fished slowly or static is often best) – Mink Zonkers, Rabbit based patterns, floating fry in either foam or deer hair.

For loch, lough or wild lake trout fishers look out for “falls” of Crane fly (daddy long-legs). Fish patterns slightly awash – in the film, as opposed to “on” – and ensure that the “legs” trail behind – as would a “stuck” natural. Delay the strike, too. Big mouthfuls take time to digest!

Get ready for the grayling season. Book you water: tie or buy small bead head pheasant tail nymphs – size 16, 18 and even 20. Little tint olive CDC try dry flies – again 18, 20 even 22. Use fine tippet  – 6 and 7X, occasionally 8X.

Grab a last gasp trip after Scottish Autumn Salmon – try the still, underrated rivers of the West coast, instead of the grande dame rivers of the East.