imgres-18These days, I hope you agree with me, it is a struggle to find a free range chicken breast which is less than £2 and a whole chicken for under £9. However, with recent headline news surrounding food labelling, top of the range meats have never been more popular. So, how do people on tighter budgets eat healthy and trust-worthy meats? Well, Game to Eat has a potential answer…Pigeon!

Reasons Why…

PRICE – The price of a pigeon breast is generally just £1 – £1.50, while a whole oven ready pigeon should be no more than £3. Get in touch with your local dealer/butcher using our database and find out the costs directly.

LIFESTYLE – What you are getting for your buck is a bird that has lived a happy and wild life; they eat whatever is available at the time from their surroundings – including the farmers finest oil seed rape amongst other crops. In comparison, even the finest bred chickens have no choice of what they eat, sure, they might have a patch of grass to walk on and stretch their wings, but no control over their diet at all. However, this is nothing in comparison to pigeons that fly everywhere and actually use their muscles to escape danger etc. All this activity results in pigeons having a fuller and richer flavour, whether they have dined on seeds or berries, their lives have truly been ‘free range’.

RECIPES – You are able to substitute pigeon to nearly all chicken recipes. This is exactly what I did over the weekend – a simple, honey, mustard, olive oil marinade (see picture, apology for presentation and photography) was perfect, sadly the chips and salad were a little less impressive.