Squirrel_PiessAt this year’s CLA Game Fair we are wanting to push the boundaries of what you think you know of wild game foods. Come along to the Countryside Alliance stand to tuck into some of the newest game products in what is becoming an extremely fast moving market. These products will hopefully open your mind on how you perceive game and on different ways of cooking it.



Rabbit Satay Skewers produced by Cornish Business Got Game. Tom Forster has been building up the company since mid-2012, with an aim to move into the catering business, have a look at some of his great produce on their website. These rabbit satay skewers are set to be a fantastic starter to your lunch-time meal.

Squirrel Pies (pictured) made by Nice Pies, based in Leicestershire. Demand has grown massively ever since the company made it into the newspapers for this delicious but unusual pie. We could not help but get them along to the Game Fair and help promote their cause, ‘save the red, eat the greys’. Nice Pies have recently opened up a farm shop, near to Old Darby; if you are in the area do check out their glorious selection of pies.

Game and Beer Muffins produced by Blakesley Hill Cakes in Northamptonshire. The idea might be a scary one but we are certain these are going to go down extremely well. During the Game Fair we will be selling two varieties: pigeon and venison.

As well as ‘the specials’ we will be serving the more traditional foods, including a cracking breakfast, so come visit us enjoy a compfy seat and some top quality food.

Alongside all this, we will be having six game butchery and cooking demonstrations a day. Be sure to stop by to learn some new techniques and try some of the finest wild game out there.