Food_labelling_report_TCAFThe Countryside Alliance is urging the Government to show its support for British farmers by pushing for country of origin labelling for all processed meat products.

From April all fresh meat sold in the UK must be labelled showing where the animal was reared and slaughtered. However this will not apply to products such as sausages, bacon and ready-meals.

Yesterday (11 February) the European Parliament voted for this to be extended to include processed meat, but this now needs to be adopted by the European Commission. 

Sarah Lee, head of policy for the Countryside Alliance said: “Since the horsemeat scandal, consumers are taking much more notice about where the meat they eat originates. We want labelling that shows where the animal was reared and slaughtered for all meat, including that where meat is an ingredient.

“Currently sausages made in Britain from Danish pork can be legitimately labelled as British because the meat has been processed in the UK. We believe food marked as British must come from British farmers and producers.

“We will write to Defra, urging them to press the European Commission to make country of origin labelling mandatory for all meat.”

For further information, contact the Countryside Alliance head of media Charlotte Cooper on 07500 834163 or [email protected]

Notes to journalists
• The call for country of origin labelling for processed meats forms part of the Countryside Alliance’s manifesto of rural issues for the General Election. Read the full document at