Some of you may have watched the BBC One Countryfile Summer Special programme on Sunday night (20 August) which featured game shooting.

Matt Baker, the One Show presenter, interviewed chef Tom Godber-Ford Moore about his game meat street food business. “Tom grew up with shooting, he picked up a bird when he was a young man and shot his first bird at 16. It’s a popular pastime in many parts of rural Britain, and one that divides public opinion. But for Tom it’s about more than sport, it’s about food,” Baker explained.

During the interview Tom talked about the benefits of game meat and how he hoped that more game meat was sold and consumed on home soil instead of being exported. Tom explained how he used the shot game from over the shooting season to produce delicious goujons and burgers and judging by the popularity of his stall they seemed to be a hit with the customers.

When Baker asked if customers where intrigued about where the meat was harvested from Tom replied, “If anyone does have any trouble with it, then I ask them maybe to, if they are a meat eater, look a bit closer to home, the stuff they’re used to”.

The Countryside Alliance was delighted to see game shooting and the use of game as food, being featured on Countryfile. The BBC receive a lot of criticism, not least from ourselves on some occasions, but if you would like to praise Countryfile for its coverage on this important issue you can email: [email protected]