CountryfileOn Sunday 15th February the BBC’s Countryfile programme was in Gloucestershire. The show looked at the Hunting Act 10 years on and spoke to Henry Berkeley, Master of the Berkeley Hunt, Capt Farquhar, Master of the Beaufort Foxhounds and the Huntsman Tony Holdsworth. Presenter Tom Heap also spoke to Michael Stephenson of the League Against Cruel Sports and asked him about trail hunting. He asked: “Would you like to see the hunts vanishing?” and Stephenson responded “yes.” The show also spoke to Alun Michael, now a Police and Crime Commissioner but in 2004/5 the Labour Minister charged with getting the Hunting Bill through Parliament. Finally, Tom Heap spoke to Welsh Farmers in the Brecons about the Act, the less-than-ideal way they operate using just two hounds and the impact on sheep farming (from about 28 mins). Finally, our animal welfare consultant Jim Barrington spoke to Tom Heap about the complexity of hunting (approx 31 mins). Watch on the BBC iplayer here.