Royal_MailThe Countryside Alliance fully supports Royal Mail’s call, in its submission to Ofcom, for a review of the impact of competition in the postal delivery market. Countryside Alliance head of policy, Sarah Lee, said: “The six day, one-price-goes-anywhere service that Royal Mail provides through the Universal Service Obligation is essential to those living and working in rural areas.  “For many parts of the country and particularly in rural areas, the costs of delivering mail can only be met through using revenues generated from urban and suburban services. However, the current regulatory environment is allowing competitors to ‘cherry-pick’ the easier to deliver to areas, leaving the more geographically challenging areas for Royal Mail. “We believe that if this continues at its current pace it could threaten Royal Mail’s ability to deliver the Universal Service. We support Royal Mail’s call for an urgent review of the impact which direct deliver competition is having on the viability of the Universal Service and call on Ofcom to protect it for the future.” For more information, contact Countryside Alliance head of media Charlotte Cooper on 0207 840 9220 or email [email protected] Note for journalists • The Royal Mail submission can be found here