The Countryside Alliance’s large educational banners seen adorning the walls of hound shows this summer are proving popular among hound aficionados and newcomers to hound shows alike.

The large wall-hangings give an indication of what the judges are looking for in the foxhound and beagle classes that have taken place at hound shows around the country. They have been on display at the Great Yorkshire Show as well as the Festival of Hunting and will be at the Game Fair later this week.

They have been designed using an image of a champion hound of each type to demonstrate a good example of the key points the judge wishes to see in the hounds put before them. The images have been kindly provided by hunting photographer Sarah Farnsworth, to create an updated version of an original idea used in many of the Alliance’s leaflets over the years. The original design was created by Rosemary Coates.













“The banners have proved incredibly popular so far this summer, with many positive comments from members of the public attending their first hound show to regular hunting people who are keen to learn more about hounds,” commented Polly Portwin, the CA’s Head of Hunting.

“We have been inundated with requests from hunts to reproduce this as a leaflet so are delighted to offer this as a download for anyone who wants to print their own, perhaps for reproduction to hand out at their puppy show or kennel open day.”

If you would like a PDF version of the hound and beagle banners, click here to download a PDF.