Meets held on land owned or managed by local councils, on Boxing Day and throughout the festive period, are being put at risk of cancellation by a targeted campaign organised by anti-hunting associations. The Countryside Alliance is asking people to visit its website and send a letter to their local council leader, expressing their support for Boxing Day meets continuing in the heart of communities.

One meet has already been forced to relocate as a result of the campaign against these festive occasions. This campaign threatens to deny many people their only opportunity to see hounds and interact with their local hunt, which is such a key part of the festive season. Meeting in the middle of towns and villages often means meeting on council-owned or managed land, and the Alliance is calling on everyone to support those councils that allow these events to take place.

The letter to council leaders is for everyone who wants to see meets continuing in these public areas throughout the festive season. Many of these meets are supported by hundreds and even thousands of people from the local community, as well as those associated with their local packs of hounds, and the Countryside Alliance is asking everyone to add their voice to the campaign.

Sending the letter via the Countryside Alliance website will show support for those local councils that are being pressurised into cancelling their meets.

Polly Portwin, Head of Hunting at the Countryside Alliance said: “Boxing Day meets are a special occasion in the hunting calendar, with hundreds of thousands of people turning out to support hunts throughout the festive period. It would be a travesty if councils denied those people who support local packs of hounds the opportunity to show their appreciation at meets this Boxing Day. We are asking people to act now to protect this annual spectacle by filling out our form to send a letter of support to their local council leader.”

To send a letter and stand up for meets on Boxing Day and throughout the festive period, click the button below.

Act now to support the Boxing Day Meet