The Countryside Alliance has condemned the use of violence, intimidation and online bullying against individuals involved with hunting.

This morning The Times ran this story, the Daily Telegraph also ran this follow up story.

Unfortunately the examples referred to in The Times story are not isolated cases. A large number of rural businesses across the country have been targeted by hunt saboteurs. Many are concerned about the consequences that such intimidation and harassment could have for their livelihoods. It is important that public awareness of these aggressive tactics is increased and that the authorities take the necessary steps to combat it.

Please see below the full statement from the Head of Political at the Countryside Alliance, James Legge:

“The use of violence, intimidation, and online bullying against individuals involved with hunting, and businesses providing a service to people and communities involved in lawful hunting is utterly unacceptable.

“It is the worst form of cowardly harassment or ordinary people and we expect the police to respond with the full force of the law, in light of the growing number of incidents. This behaviour would not be tolerated were it directed at any other group in our society or those businesses supplying services to them.”