The Countryside Alliance has announced that it will be attending The Game Fair, to be held at Hatfield House, in Hertfordshire, from 28 to 30 July.

Keith Green, Head of Brand & Commercial Development, said: “The Game Fair has been an integral part of the Countryside Alliance year for over twenty years. As always we are looking forward to welcoming our members and supporters in great numbers to our stand. The Countryside Alliance exists to support people who shoot, fish and hunt; and to promote the rural way of life. The Game Fair plays a big role in rising the profile of country pursuits and not being there would be unthinkable.”

The Countryside Alliance celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, and will be on Gunmakers’ Row. According to Keith, “This is the perfect place for us, as we’ve had tremendous success with our Campaign for Shooting and are looking forward to expanding on that.”

We are also running a promotion for The Game Fair, with Countryside Alliance members being able to claim a free pair of shooting glasses worth £14.95 per pre-booked ‘day’ tickets or a promotional ticket price of £20.

Members simply need to enter the discount code ‘countrysidealliance’ when purchasing tickets on The Game Fair website.

Please make sure to select the ‘Promotional Offer £22.50 plus Free Pair of Sunglasses’ option. You will receive a voucher before The Game Fair which you must bring along on the day to collect your sunglasses from the Sunglasses for Sport stand.

Tim Bonner, the CEO of the Countryside Alliance will also be taking part in the live debates in the Game Fair Theatre this year.

James Gower, Managing Director of The Game Fair, is delighted that the Countryside Alliance will be attending: “The organisation has championed not only fieldsports enthusiasts, but also anyone living in rural areas with its campaigns and lobbying, and I know that this year’s Game Fair, being so close to London, will be a great chance for them to demonstrate what they do.”

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