Much has been made of the many demonstrations organised today (Sunday, 25th February) by anti-hunting activists campaigning against legal trail-hunting being permitted on National Trust land. With fewer than 400 protestors in total turning out, this represents less than 0.01% of the National Trust’s 5 million membership and demonstrates just how few people are causing the organisation such headaches.

Members of the National Trust voted on the matter of trail-hunting at their AGM last October where it was decided that hunts could continue to trail-hunt under licence. The voice of the membership was heard then but sadly this handful of extremists still can not accept the decision.

Less than 100 anti-hunt activists attended the National Trust AGM last October and not even 1% of the Trust’s membership could be persuaded to support a ban on trail-hunting. This is such a tiny proportion compared to the tens of thousands of people who enjoy legal hunting activities both during the week and at weekends.

Since the Hunting Act came into force in February 2005 there have been more than a quarter of a million days hunting performed by over 250 registered hunts. This season alone has seen over 10,000 days of legal hunting. There has been just a handful of spurious allegations made regarding illegal hunting, almost none with any evidence to justify the allegations.

If you are a member of the National Trust please do let us know by emailing [email protected].