The Countryside Alliance has responded to a Home Office air weapon review with a firm rejection of further restrictions to a popular and growing sport and useful asset in pest control. 

The Home Office air weapon review asked questions on introducing further legislation, changing security and manufacturing requirements, and implementing additional restrictions to under-18s. The Countryside Alliance’s response points out that none of these proposals are necessary as all appropriate measures are already legislated for.

Jack Knott, Campaigns Manager at the Countryside Alliance, said; “The Countryside Alliance has always supported the Government’s aim to address the misuse of firearms, including air guns. Where there are measures that can be implemented to improve the safety of air gun use, within the existing legislation, then these should be supported.

“We do not believe that any further legislation in this area is necessary at present. Where offences involving air guns are committed, or even minor nuisances caused, there is more than adequate legislation to enable prosecutions to be brought against offenders.”

On the potential for air gun licensing, Jack Knott said; “It would appear the Home Office are interested in following Scotland and Northern Ireland in the licensing air weapons. Unless evidence is provided that the licensing of air guns will provide a benefit to the public and outweighs any potential consequences the Countryside Alliance will not support any change. Unjustified law is bad law.”

The Countryside Alliance is now awaiting the official position of the Home Office following the Review and will update members as soon as a decision is made.


The full Countryside Alliance response can be read here.