Defra Secretary Michael Gove has announced a review to increase the government’s approach towards tackling fly tipping and waste crime.

This announcement comes after the Department for Environment announced last month that anyone caught fly tipping could face an on-the spot penalty of up to £400. Waste criminals cost the English economy more than £600 million in 2015 and this review is the government’s next step in the ongoing work to tackle waste crime.

Launched on 10 June, the Call for Evidence allows people to have their say on ways to crack-down further on Organised Crime Groups, who profit from waste crime. The review is due to be completed by September 2018.

Environment Secretary, Michael Gove, said: “Organised criminals running illegal waste dumps and fly-tipping are blighting local communities. They cost our economy vast amounts of money, pollute our environment and harm our wildlife.

“We must crack-down on these criminals who have no regard for the impact they have on peoples’ lives. The time is right for us to look at how we can best tackle these antisocial and inexcusable crimes.”

Countryside Alliance Head of Policy, Sarah Lee, commented: “The Countryside Alliance welcome the government’s review to step up the fight against fly tipping. Fly-tipping is not a victimless crime and government figures on fly-tipping only tell half the story as private land owners can spend upwards of £47 million a year clearing up fly-tipped waste.

“Local authorities must fulfil their legal obligation to clamp down on fly-tipping and make it easier for people to dispose of their waste legally. Farmers and landowners should also report any suspicious activity and put in place prevention measures to make it more difficult for people to fly-tip on their land.”