Ofcom has announced today (Friday 23 February) that more UK homes are set to benefit from ultrafast internet speeds after Ofcom has decided to halve the upfront cost of building ‘full-fibre’ broadband networks.

Full-fibre broadband is currently only available to just 3% of UK homes and offices. Ofcom’s announcement to increase investment in full fibre could see up to six million premises covered by full fibre by 2020.

To ensure that rural areas are not left behind Ofcom has cut the price that Openreach can charge telecoms companies for its basic superfast broadband service. This move will also help BT’s rivals to compete for customers and ensure that people are not charged high prices.

Sarah Lee, Head of Policy, of the Countryside Alliance said: “The Countryside Alliance welcomes this announcement and measures to boost full-fibre broadband. Good connectivity is an essential service in a modern world and allows businesses and homes to make the most of the internet. Only time will tell if these measures encourage broadband providers to deliver fibre in rural areas but we will be writing to them asking them what their plans are broadband delivery in the countryside.”

To read Ofcom’s full press release on this please click here.