Today (Friday 9 February) EE launched a new 4G home broadband solution which could connect 580,000 homes across the UK, especially rural areas where broadband speeds are lower than 10Mbps.

EE’s solution is to attach small antennas to homes, which picks up a 4G mobile internet signal and sends it to a router inside. EE has recently been trialling the solution in the Northern Fells in Cumbria, an area with dramatic topography. Currently many homes in rural Cumbria can only get limited broadband access, and EE, working with the Northern Fells Broadband initiative has worked to trial the service with users in the area.

Sarah Lee, Head of Policy at the Countryside Alliance, said: “Fast and reliable internet is just as essential in the countryside as it is in urban areas, but unfortunately it is not currently as widely available. This is a major issue for everyday life at home – students rely on a decent internet for research, parents need to bank online and thousands of rural families are missing out on a wealth of on-demand entertainment. We welcome this innovative 4G solution from EE and believe it will have a big impact on some of the most remote communities across the UK.”

To read the full press release about this from EE please click here.