Fishing 4 Schools, a charity project run by the Countryside Alliance, is pleased by the Government’s announcement today (9 January) of improved support for children with mental health issues.

Many of the children and young adults who attend Fishing 4 Schools courses across the country attend special schools and a number of them have issues that affect their mental health.

Our courses help pupils re-engage with education, building their confidence and self-esteem, while at the same time assisting with new qualifications and skills.

Fishing 4 Schools director and international fly-fisherman Charles Jardine said:

“The figures are quite worrying – one in 10 children has issues with mental wellbeing. These are the youngsters who could so easily be side-lined as disruptive and difficult and fall out of education.

“Working to help these young people is so important. I have seen through my work with Fishing 4 Schools how an activity like angling can turn children around, by giving them some head space and boosting their confidence by showing them that they can excel.

“We thoroughly welcome this programme to help identify and work with those children with mental health problems.”