Fishing 4 Schools instructor Bob Goble outlines his expert tips for great fishing this June.

Finally the weather seems to have perked up, after a May of poor weather for the time of year, and a lot of easterly winds. As they say; if the wind’s in the east the fish bite least! It’s also been very dry and we need some serious rain to replenish and freshen up our lakes and rivers. Hopefully June will be better.

The damsel nymph comes into its own at this time of year. As the day warms around the midday period you will see lots of adult damsels darting about trying to find a mate to create the next generation. Once they have been successful you will see a male (he is a colourful green and blue with black banding around the body) and the less colourful female coupled together in the shape of a heart. Then the female will crawl down vegetation and into the water to lay her eggs.

There are many representations of the damsel nymph to use but this one (pictured) seems to work for me. I have tied it with a longish tail of marabou to give it added attraction, exaggerated blue eyes and legs created from a couple of turns of partridge feather.

To fish the nymph you will need a leader of approx 9-10 feet. It is best fished slowly around weed beds or along a reed fringed lake shore line, although trout will take the nymph with gusto.

You can continue to use sight bobs and buzzers but also try the dry fly. I shall elaborate a little more next month.

Tight lines, be safe but have fun. Bob G.