The warmer weather is here at last and Fishing 4 Schools instructor and  fly fishing expert Bob Goble gives us his tips for good fishing this May.

I am so glad that May is here and I’m feeling the warmth on my back at last, after the dreadful weather earlier this year. Life is great again and fishing of all types should be good.

Coarse fish will be eager to eat – especially carp, swirling and slurping at the surface and gobbling up chum mixers (dog biscuits). This would be my choice, using an imitation with a fly rod.

Sea anglers will have a chance to catch rays and hounds (dog fish) with baits off the beaches, as well as bass. If the weather is calm and clear fly fishing for the species can be magical, with sand eel and bait fish imitations.

Trout will also be very active with all manner of insects and invertebrates to eat as the water warms.

Talking of trout here are a couple of tips to consider, once you have decided where you are going to fish:

  • Fish close in to the bank, fan cast left and right and out in front for a short while, also alter your retrieve to fish the different depths. You may be lucky and pull one out before going out with your cast.
  • Trout will be on the hunt for a tasty morsel. I sometimes find trout by fishing along and down reed fringed banks.
  • If after a short while there are no takers, try a little further out. We call this searching the water. Fan cast again then try the countdown method, from one to 20 seconds. Start with a one second retrieve, removing your fly almost immediately, working up to fishing very deep, by leaving your line to fall through the water for 20 seconds. The retrieve can be slow, or fast or anything in-between but it will depend on the weight of your fly. If you’re catching weed or the bottom try a shorter timed retrieve until you are clear of obstructions. You will need to adapt to the conditions.
  • I think I have mentioned before but be stealthy on the banks, especially on platforms, as vibrations from heavy feet will drive the fish out.
  • Be careful with your back cast. Look out for other anglers or people passing behind you, but also be careful of vegetation, trees and shrubs, otherwise your hook will get imbedded and you will possibly lose your fly. Please be observant.

Be safe and have fun. Bob G.