Fishing 4 Schools Director and fly fishing legend Charles Jardine recently hosted one of the successful bids from last year’s New York Auction with his good friend Robert Denman on Robert’s section of the Elk River in Colorado.

charlie-j-on-elk-river-with-cornelius-colley-and-daughterThis “lot” will be repeated in this years’s NYC auction and is a fitting reminder of the reach that The Countryside Alliance Foundation’s work has, and the increasing globalisation of our initiatives. Cornelius Colley and his delightful daughter, Lilly, managed to catch a string of magnificent autumn brown and rainbow trout, set amidst one of the most spectacular backdrops in fly fishing.

From there Charles went to a fishing conference in California to deliver the key note address regarding Fishing 4 charles-jardine-with-la-awardSchools and the project’s suitability for American youngsters. This visit culminated in Charles being honoured with the Sierra Pacific Flyfishers’ Order of the Mayfly and, excitingly, an opportunity in early March to demonstrate the project and F4S’s fun and engaging impact to young people at the famous Fred Hall Show five day angling show set in Long Beach.

All in all an exciting time for TCAF and Fishing 4 Schools.




Fishing the Elk River in Colorado