jo-churchill-mpOur thanks to the Jo Churchill, MP for Bury St Edmunds (pictured), who yesterday mentioned our Casting for Recovery project in a cancer strategy debate in Parliament. We spoke to Mrs Churchill at the Countryside Alliance’s Christmas drinks at Parliament on Monday and she was enthusiastic about the project, having had breast cancer herself. Mrs Churchill mentioned our outdoor therapy approach in a positive way – here is the relevant quote from her speech:
“The hon. Member for Bosworth (David Tredinnick) has mentioned alternative therapies, which can be useful, but this is a space in which charities can help people. Only this week, the Countryside Alliance Foundation took women who have received treatment fly-fishing. They find that the experience of being outside, doing something physical and enjoying nature gives them a huge sense of wellbeing. Personally, I do not think that it is a question of either/or; it is a question of joining them together.”
It is gratifying to have this endorsement of our form of outdoor therapy, which certainly has a role in supporting and encouraging ladies with breast cancer . We have known for some time of the powerful and positive impact attending the course can have, and it is encouraging that Parliament also now knows.