Fly_grazing_WHWLegislation that makes it easier for land owners, local authorities and welfare charities to take action over dumped and fly-grazed horses has been passed.

The Control of Horses Bill was given its Third Reading today, 18 March, and will become law before the General Election. 

The Countryside Alliance was part of a coalition of charities and organisations that championed this Private Members’ Bill, introduced in the Commons by Member of Parliament for York Outer Julian Sturdy. Countryside Alliance president Ann Mallalieu then successfully took the Bill through the Lords.

Countryside Alliance head of political affairs James Legge said: “We are delighted that the Control of Horses Bill has been passed. This new Act represents a significant step forward for horse welfare and will help local authorities and private landowners tackle the scourge of fly-grazing. The co-operation of all the political parties, all leading rural and welfare organisations and the support given by the Government demonstrates the consensus that this law is much needed. We would like to thank Julian Sturdy MP for taking up this issue and urge public and private landowners to make use of the new law.”