The team at Eagle Review, the sporting equivalent of TripAdvisor, went to the beautiful Whitfield Estate in Northumberland to film an atmospheric piece on grouse shooting. The four minute film shows a day in the field and the roles played by the guns, flankers, beaters, pickers up and loaders – as well as the gun dogs, and viewers will be able to appreciate the role shooting plays in the local area, as well as the simple enjoyment of a day on the moor. Watch the film here and find out more about Eagle Review here.

The film gets across all that is great about driven grouse shooting, a sport that is unique to the United Kingdom and the envy of shooters around the World. Filmed by Andrea Cavaglia, ‘Flying with Grouse’ has been described by some as “One of the best videos about grouse shooting”: In addition to the Whitfield Estate using the film for its own publicity, it is on the Eagle Review website which now has almost 3 million international visitors, a great shop window for any estate.